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Summary of results in 2004:
  • International research report: 1
  • Papers in the international journals: 8
  • Papers in the domestic journals: 2
  • Papers in the domestic popular journals: 2
  • Contributions on international conferences: 18
  • Contributions on domestic conferences: 9
  • Abstract in the proceeding of interntional meeting: 1
  • Invited Lectures: 4
  • Joint organisation of seminars: 4
  • Doctoral theses: 6
  • Master theses: 3
  • Specialistic theses: 2
  • Diploma theses (Graduate level): 9
  • Diploma theses (Eng. level): 17
Selected laboratory references for year 2004
  • Klančar, G., M. Kristan, R. Karba. Wide-angle camera distortions and non-uniform illumination in mobile robot tracking. Robots and Autonomous Systems, vol. 46, no. 2, pp. 125-133.
  • Potočnik, B., A. Bemporad, F.D. Torrisi, G. Mušič and B. Zupančič. Hybrid modelling and optimal control of a Multiproduct Batch Plant. Control Engineering Practice, Vol. 12, pp. 1127-1137.
  • Škrjanc, I., S. Blažič, S. Oblak and J. Richalet. An approach to predictive control of multivariable time-delayed plant: stability and design issues. ISA Transactions, Vol. 43, pp. 585-595.
  • Klančar, G., M. Kristan, S. Kovačič, O. Orqueda. Robust and efficient vision system for group of cooperating mobile robots with application to soccer robots. ISA Transactions, vol. 43, pp. 329-342.
  • Potočnik, B., G. Mušič and B. Zupančič. A New Technique for Translating Discrete Hybrid Automata into Piecewise Affine System. Mathematical and Computer Modelling of Dynamical Systems, Vol. 10, No. 1, pp. 41-57.
  • Blažič, S., D. Matko, G. Geiger. Simple model of a multi-batch driven pipeline. Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, vol. 64, pp. 617-630.
  • O. Agamennoni, I. Škrjanc, M. Lepetić, H. Chiacchiarini, D. Matko. Nonlinear Uncertainty Model of a Magnetic Suspension System. Mathematical and Computer Modelling 40 (2004) 1075-1087.
  • Marko Lepetic, Gregor Klancar, Igor Skrjanc, Drago Matko, Bostjan Potocnik. Path Optimisation Considering Dynamic Constraints. RoboCup 2004: 574-585.
  • Škrjanc, I., M. Lepetič, J. L. Figueroa and S. Blažič. Fuzzy model-based predictive control for a CSTR with multiple steady state, A simulation study and comparison with other nonlinear MBPC control algorithms,. WSEAS Transactions and Systems, Issue 2, Vol. 3, pp. 789-794.
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  • Atanasijević-Kunc, M., V. Kunc, J. Diaci and R. Karba. Open and close-loop operation of combined micro-mechanical and electronic system. Proceedings of the 5th EUROSIM Congress on Modelling and Simulation (Y. Hammam and G. Attiya, eds.) Marne la Vallee, France, 6 pages on CD.
  • Šink J., B. Zupančič and A. Belič. Object oriented modelling of linear pendulum system in stone wool production. Proceedings of the 5th EUROSIM Congress on Modelling and Simulation (Y. Hammam and G. Attiya, eds.) Marne la Vallee, France, 6 pages on CD.
  • Škrjanc, I., M. Lepetič and Y. Morita. Predictive Control of Pitch Angle for Wigned Body: A Simulation Study. Proceedings of the VIII Triennial International SAUM Conference on Systems, Automatic Control and Measurements, Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro, pp. 88-93.

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