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Brief history

Laboratory of control systems and cybernetics originates in the Laboratory of Analog-Hybrid Computation and Automatic Control established by prof. dr. F. Bremšak more than 40 years ago.


Research work is oriented to the theory and application of modern methods of computer control as well as to the modelling and simulation of dynamic processes. Beside traditional approaches, adaptive, predictive and multivariable systems are studied together with AI approaches based on fuzzy logic, neural networks and expert systems. Recent investigations deal also with discrete-event and hybrid systems. Multiagent systems are intensively studied and applied to autonomous mobile systems. The mentioned methods are transferred to different fields where complex control systems can be applied as well as to some interdisciplinary areas (chemical engineering, power plants, intelligent buildings, biopharmaceutics and pharmacogenomics, biomedicine etc.).


Studentje_LMSVEducation work covers many control systems subjects on different levels of:

Professional study programme Applied Electrotechnics
(1st cycle) 180 ECTS

Academic study programme Electrotechnics
(1st cycle) 180 ECTS

Masters' study programme Electrotechnics
(2nd cycle) 120 ECTS

Doctoral study programme
(3rd cycle) 180 ECTS