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Summary of results in 2001:
  • Textbook: 7
  • Papers in international journals: 5
  • Papers in domestic journals: 4
  • Contributions on international conferences: 15
  • Contributions on domestic conferences: 16
  • Abstract in the abstract book of international meeting: 1
  • Invited lectures: 3
  • Master theses: 3
  • Specialistic thesis: 2
  • Diploma theses (Graduate level): 8
  • Diploma theses (Eng. level): 7
  • Joint organisation of seminars: 4
Selected laboratory references for year 2001
  • Škrjanc, I., B. Zupančič, B. Furlan, A. Krainer. Theoretical and experimental Fuzzy modelling of building thermal dynamic response. Build. environ., Vol. 36, No. 9, pp. 1023-1038.
  • Škrjanc, I., D. Matko. Fuzzy predictive Functional Control in the State Space Domain. Journal of Intelligent and Robotic systems, 31, pp. 283-297.
  • Pavšelj, N., N. Hvala, J. Kocijan. M. Roš, M. Šubelj, G. Mušič and S. Strmčnik. Experimental design of an optimal phase duration control strategy used in batch biological wastewater treatment. ISA Transactions, 40, pp. 41-56.
  • Igor Skrjanc, Saso Blazic, Drago Matko. Direct Adaptive Control of Nonlinear Process Based on Fuzzy Model. FUZZ-IEEE 2001: 497-500.
  • Zupančič, B., I. Škrjanc, A. Krainer, M. Atanasijević - Kunc. Simulation and Control System design of thermal conditions in building using active and passive resources. Proc. Of EUROSIM 2001 (Heemink, A. W., L.. Dekker, H. de Swaan Arons, I. Smit, T. L. van Stijn eds.), Delft, 7 pages on CD.
  • Atanasijević - Kunc, M., R. Karba, B. Zupančič. Toolbox for analysis and presentation or real multivariable system. Proc. Of EUROSIM 2001 (Heemink, A. W., L.. Dekker, H. de Swaan Arons, I. Smit, T. L. van Stijn eds.), Delft, 6 pages on CD.
  • Matko, d., G. Geiger. Pipeline supervision: comparative evaluation of different models for leak detection and localization. Proc. Of the European Control Conference ECC 2001, Porto, pp. 510-513.
  • Lepetič, M., I. Škrjanc, H. G. Chiacchiarini, D. Matko. Predictive Control based ob Fuzzy Model: A Case study. 2001' EEE International Fuzzy Systems Conference Proceedings, Melbourne, 4 pages.
  • Matko, D.. Systematic Approach to Nonlinear Modelling Using Fuzzy Techniques, NATO advanced research workshop. Systematic organization of information in fuzzy systems, Villa real, pp. 1-12.
  • Mušič, G., D. Matko. Discrete Event Control Theory Applied to PLC Programming. 9th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation, Dubrovnik, 6 pages on CD.

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